Friday, June 21, 2013

Trusting and dating

Hollywood Junket has put up a couple of interesting game show items. First is an on-set report about the tapings for TBS' upcoming Trust Me I'm a Game Show Host. You might call this show an offshoot of the prisoner's dilemma. The hosts lie to the contestants instead of the contestants lying to each other.

The two hosts are Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley. One of them tries to convince a contestant that an odd factoid is true. The other host argues that it's false. The poor contestant has to decide who's fibbing.

Hollywood Junket is usually a pretty easy grader. So it's not astounding that they like the show, especially the "sexual innuendo" in the topics and the "great chemistry" between the hosts. We'll see how the innuendo and chemistry perform this fall.

The second item reports that Ellen DeGeneres wants to produce a dating game show. Ellen has often betrayed a hankering to host a game show, and she may figure that the dating sub-genre offers the best chance for younger demos. But as Hollywood Junket points out, the sub-genre is littered with failures. Bad dates, you might call them.

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