Monday, June 10, 2013

Pain and suffering

A rather painful thread on poses the question: "What is considered a painful loss in any particular game?"

For the uninitiated, we're talking about The Price is Right. I'm afraid my notorious TPiR-indifference has kept me from thinking much about the subject. But let's face it, part of the appeal of any good game show is watching a contestant come oh so close to a big win, only to see it slip away at the last excruciating moment.

For TPiR's Hole in One game, the thread defines a painful loss as "When the ball misses the hole by three inches or less on the second putt." You might call this a painful loss in real golf, too. Especially when a few shekels are riding on the hole.

The game show which took psychological pain to a whole new level was Deal or No Deal. Watching the wrong suitcase open after a long buildup was brutal. And, fess up, the brutality was a big reason for the show's success. For physical pain, Wipeout may be unmatched.

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