Saturday, June 15, 2013

GSN bits and pieces

As the GSN board wends its way to The End, I reply to three posters on various and sundry topics. The first concerns a supposed crisis for GSN in the last couple years...

Other poster: I'm not going to get into an argument over hypotheticals [about a possible GSN shutdown] from 2-3 years ago.

I'm not going to get into an argument, either. I'll just state the facts: Sony began acquiring more ownership of GSN 2-3 years ago, and they paid a lot of money to do so. Hardly seems like GSN was in any danger of shutting down. So the "hypothetical" is more like "fantasy."

Now the 2000-01 crisis was anything but hypothetical. GSN almost went belly up...for real.

Another poster: With these forums shutting down and who knows how long until another one comes up...who's to say that if/when ratings decline for good, the network closes and "" only stays on as a gaming site?

I don't think this board's demise has much to do with anything. GSN probably doesn't see much value in the board, and frankly I can understand why. It's not like the board is making big bucks for the organization. As for the focus on gaming, it's probably helping to keep the cable network afloat. The tie-ins between TV game shows and online gaming are obvious and lucrative. It's not like, say, the Hallmark Channel has any such tie-ins.

Yet another poster: I'm still surprised to see Richard Karn's Feud doing so well in the ratings, personally.

Really? Karn has always performed well for GSN. He doesn't get much respect on this board, but that means nothing.


  1. No way. The network is not going anywhere anytime soon, seeing how it has it's best numbers in years. The forums shutting down have nothing to do with the network.

    Plus, I do not see Harvey Feud going anywhere, with new runs (Sept. 2012-beyond)still to be acquired by GSN. Could see Karn & O'Hurley start to fade though.

  2. Oh, I agree. Bit some posters on the GSN are real doom-and-gloomers.

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    1. What the hell?

      The only point you may have is that around the time of 2010-11 (moreso 2011), there was not a lot of appeal in the network.

      To be honest, there was a period of time, mainly around Fall 2011/Winter 2012 when I thought the TV network itself was going away since zero originals were being produced and GSN would just expand its online gaming. Reasons for the TV network shutting down then were 1)Dancing with the Stars failing 2)Only 15 shows on the schedule in which 3)None of them were working out in the Nielsons

      But then Harvey Feud and Bible Challenge came along and changed everything.

  5. You don't have to shout. Give the caps lock key a rest.

    And I really don't understand your complaint. You say that Sony might have been looking to pull the plug on the network. Well, sorry, I just don't see any evidence for that theory. Sony was actually spending a lot of money to buy more of GSN in 2011-12. You say that's irrelevant, but why would Sony spend all that money on GSN if they were looking to take it down?

    When the network really was in trouble, back in 2000-01, Sony gave up 50% of GSN. They did just the opposite during the period you're discussing.

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    "I never said they may have been looking to pull the plug."

    I'm going to pull my own plug on this thread right now. I'm outa here.