Saturday, June 22, 2013

Final jailhouse jeopardy

Sometimes you get news of the truly weird. From Racine, Wisconsin comes word of a jailhouse fight over...Jeopardy?

Yep, the answers and questions inspired a couple inmates to duke it out. On April 2 in a dayroom at the Racine County Jail, prisoner Jesse Cortez changed the channel from Jeopardy, which fellow prisoner Allen Flowers was watching. Much shouting and pushing ensued. Each inmate alleges that the other shoved him, though both deny doing any shoving themselves. I'll take "Disorderly Conduct" for a cash bond of $250, Alex.

Both men are currently released from jail. "I just wanted to watch Jeopardy this one time," Flowers says in the criminal complaint. Cortez didn't appear for a hearing on the charge and has a warrant out for his arrest. He's in jeopardy of apprehension, you might say.

I can't recall ever getting into a fight over a game show. Though my wife has occasionally gotten bored with Minute To Win It.

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