Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dumb but not forgotten

Poor old Game Show Garbage has taken its knocks lately.

Most notably, there was the site's wild-swinging attack earlier this year on Golden-Road.Net. This led to widespread rumpus and ructions on the game show Interwebs. And many have wondered if the site hasn't run its course, scraping the bottom of the godawful barrel for shows nobody cares about and/or remembers. A hackneyed meme about leaping over a large carnivorous fish comes to mind.

But at its best the site can still amuse. The just-posted dumb answer of the week from Meredith's last batch of originals on Millionaire is a pleasant example. Pleasant for everybody except the poor contestant, of course. He figured out the answer - it really wasn't too hard, with an obvious clue in the question - but then gave the wrong letter. "D" instead of "C", and that was it.

Game Show Garbage then mixes in a funny take on how next season's incoming host Cedric Kyles would have handled the situation. I won't spoil it for you. Just click the link and take a peek.