Saturday, June 29, 2013

Art for art's sake

The appropriately named DeviantArt has posted the most gorgeously embarrassing collection ever.  It's the wheel from Wheel of Fortune throughout the years and throughout the world. Dozens and dozens of wheels. Wheels here, wheels there, wheels everywhere. I got wheels in my dreams, wheels in my nightmares, wheels in my head, wheels under my bed.

My favorite wedge from the endless wheels is the pictured Arthur Christmas special. The guy looks like he fell out of a game show Internet board, after he fell out of his parents' basement. The contributor of the gazillion wheels calls himself "Wheelgenius, an artsy-craftsy game show nut." I can well believe the name and the description.

Every other game show nut will have their favorite wheel design. It's a little scary how many permutations have emerged over the decades around the world. A lot of effort went into those wheels, which might mean something about the wasting of human talent. Or it just might mean, hey, it's a game show.