Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ancient argument

Happened to browse through the BuzzerBlog twitter feed today. It's been ages since I took a peek. Not to my surprise, Alex Davis was plugging GSN's The Chase for all it's worth.

But what most caught my eye was an argument between Alex and Joe "Game Show Man" Van Ginkel. Knowing these guys like I do - well, I really don't know either of them at all, but I've read plenty of their stuff on the game show Interwebs - the argument wasn't much of a surprise, either.

The ostensible subject was GSN's ill-fated Pyramid revival. But the real war was between modernizing Alex and traditionalist Joe. It's an argument I've had myself with a lot of folks on the net. Naturally, Joe thought that any tampering with the rock-solid Pyramid format was idiotic. And Alex thought that slavish adherence to the traditional format was just as idiotic.

On this one I'm down with Alex. My review of Pyramid noted the paint-by-numbers similarity to the old Clark versions, and predicted a yawning been-there-done-that response from the audience. Which is pretty much what happened.

Sometimes you really can't keep a format in a glass jar, preserved in every detail for all time. Even when it's Pyramid.


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    1. If he such an idiot, then why do you steal all your so called inside information from him?

    2. At least I know proper grammar, JP

    3. You want to debate grammar? You should begin by ending your sentence with a period.

      But instead of trying to insult me, why not engage in an intelligent dialogue? Much of what you say here and on your blog is complete nonsense, and when I or anyone else points it out, you remove the remarks and call names. I won't release spoilers, but it's obvious you only know what GSN decides to tell you.

  2. My biggest annoyance with the Pyramid (Watching it recently in GSN's Sunday overnight repeats at 2am after Clark's $100K) wasn't the format changes, but some of the celebrity/contestant selection was meh. Lots of lower-scoring games.

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  4. GSN tried a couple times to make an original based on Scrabble. I think John O'Hurley hosted one of the pilots and Kennedy (of Friend or Foe) hosted the other. But the show never went anywhere.