Saturday, July 14, 2012

A GSN minute

Looks like GSN has acquired NBC's old Minute To Win It for a Tuesday, July 24 debut. Newlywed Game wasn't doing such great numbers on the night, so Guy Fieri and friends might improve things. A thread on the GSN board has started about the acquisition, and I chip in...

Other poster: Well, if this is true, this is definitely a sensible pickup. Don't think it could hurt the Tuesday ratings.

I've suggested this pickup, so I can't argue with it now.

Minute To Win It should make a decent addition to GSN's schedule. I always thought the hour-long reworking of Beat the Clock plus a money tree was harmless fun. Guy Fieri is a little over the top, but he's not too obnoxious. And some of the stunts are interesting.

Some pundits around the web - you know who you are - always favored the very similar Brit Cube over the Fieri hijinks. Never saw any real reason for the preference, except a liking for British accents. But Cube can claim greater longevity, though a U.S. pilot went nowhere.

Another poster: The Cube >>> Minute to Win It for me.

Yep, Cube always had its partisans, especially among the British-are-better-than-us brigade. I've watched a fair amount of both shows and never really saw any reason to prefer one over the other, except for an ideological liking of all things Brit. The formats are extremely similar, both basically ripoffs of Beat the Clock with the usual Millionaire money tree tossed in. CBS probably passed on the U.S. pilot of Cube because NBC was already running essentially the same show in Minute.

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