Thursday, August 28, 2014

You bet

Haven't done this for a while because I don't post as much on game show boards as I used to. But I'll recycle a comment I left at Game Show Paradise.

The thread asked for the best classic never shown on GSN. Most posters picked 1970s and 1980s shows like Scrabble. My reply...

Let's go way back. You Bet Your Life. You'd think that Groucho could sneak onto those Christmas B&W weeks one of these years.

By the way, I always thought You Bet Your Life would be a natural for Turner Classic Movies, especially mixed in with Marx Brothers pictures. But the fans would probably scream bloody murder. "What are you doing with some game show instead of our beloved classics???"

Hm, sounds like game show fans on the Internet...

Funny thing is that GSN has shown Two for the Money, the G-T knockoff of You Bet Your Life. But they've never shown Groucho's original.

Wikipedia (usual caveats) says most YBYL episodes are now public domain. I've heard that from other sources, too. But I'm not a copyright lawyer and I don't play one on game show boards.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Game show non-garbage

Lots of people rag Game Show Garbage for their negativity. Well, what do you expect from a site with that name? But even at GSG they want to show some love now and then. So they've put up a five best shows video.

One of the shows is British, so it's outside this blog's usual purview. One is a comedy show, which is okay for laughs but has no real game. One is a cooking show.

Which leaves...drumroll, please...Jeopardy and The Chase. Which also leaves little room for disagreement. What am I supposed to say? These two shows are bad?

The whole idea of GSG going nice is a little unnerving, even if their choices for niceness are impeccable. I like it when they rip on something that's just mediocre but which they make into a crime against humanity. But when it comes to good shows, they really don't have much else to say except they like it. All right, I like The Chase and Jeopardy, too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ratings: Wheel and Feud gain a bit

It's tough to make ratings hay in August, despite (or because of) all the sunshine. But Pat and Vanna finally worked themselves back into a clear lead among syndie game shows. Steve Harvey also got a little good news. Otherwise, not much happened in the August 11-17 week. TV by the Numbers has all the household ratings and viewer averages...

Wheel of Fortune 5.7 - up a couple of ticks and back to the top
Jeopardy 5.5 - flat
Family Feud 4.6 - up a couple ticks
Millionaire 1.9 - flat for the departing Cedric

The viewer averages also gave an edge to that little version of hangman. Wheel of Fortune 8.9M (weekend repeat 4.0M), Jeopardy 8.5M, Family Feud 6.8M, Millionaire 2.6M. The numbers look okay compared to just about anything else this time of year.

GSN continues to roll in prime time with three originals performing well. 389K/265K viewer averages prime time/total day for the week of August 18-24. The network ranked 42nd and 40th in the windows.

Monday, August 25, 2014

They're not looking for me

They probably don't want a 62-year-old actuary. So I don't have to worry about making the grade as The Price is Right's next male model.

But if you've got what it takes - good looks and a nice smile - TPiR wants you in their nationwide search for an XY-chromosome model. The show will run casting calls around the country, and you can also submit applications online.

Three finalists will turn up on The Talk and the fans will get to vote. TPiR will announce the big winner in December. They don't guarantee a permanent gig, but the winner will get a week of waving at the merchandise and making nice with the contestants.

I didn't realize this because I don't watch the show much. But Rob Wilson, the first male model to become a regular on TPiR, left the show in April. Hail and farewell, Rob.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Announcer videos

With the death of announcing legend Don Pardo at 96, a few video walls of his work have cropped up on the web. Starpulse posted one of the best, featuring mostly clips from Saturday Night Live.

Yeah, us game show freaks might as well get used to the fact that Don will be remembered largely for SNL. At least Starpulse also includes his superb turn from Weird Al's I Lost on Jeopardy. Don hadn't done regular game show work in years, but plenty of his voice from our little genre still bounces around YouTube.

SNL did allow Don to get onscreen once in a while. The linked collection shows him crediting his fame and fortune to Jon Lovitz (sure, I believe it) and kicking Johnny Knoxville in the crotch (a service to humanity). And they can't avoid including a clip of Steve Martin on one of the Jeopardy spoofs with the eternal tagline: "Thank you, Don Pardo."

Well, thank you, indeed.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Old time revival

Don't worry, this is not a religion blog. Though I do discuss American Bible Challenge now and then.

The revivals I'm talking about are of the game show variety. Like most oldies boards around the web, the Sitcoms Online game show forum has a "game shows that should be revived" thread. Much of the time this just involves the usual bitching about any show that isn't thirty years old. On the thread, for instance, Whammy gets trashed compared to the supposedly pristine Press Your Luck, though the shows are virtually identical.

But once in a while somebody comes up with an interesting idea. A while back on the thread, a poster suggested a revival of To Tell the Truth, and darned if one isn't now in the works. Somebody else wanted another trip for Cash Cab, which I'd love to see myself. But it's probably too early. Wait until 2020 or so.

Some might object that too many revivals stultify the industry. Producers should try new formats, not just the same old same old. I can understand the objection, but revivals work pretty well sometimes. Ask Alex.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Shuffle about

As the fall season approaches, we hear about the usual schedule shuffles and shifts. On the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's, posters are chewing over the syndie game show timeslots we'll see next month. Millionaire seems to be getting moved a lot, but other shows are also hopping around.

Soap Opera Network has posted the daytime schedules for the ABC owned and operated stations. Generally, Terry Crews' quizzer will get somewhat later timeslots. But as always, check your local listings for what happens to all the game shows.

An interesting question is where Celebrity Name Game will land. I've seen announcements on the web from several stations, with slots ranging from daytime to the access hour to prime time to late night. The show may turn up all over the clock around the country. I'm not even sure which station will carry the show in my home DFW market, much less when it will air.

It's about time for the new seasons and shows. I'm tired of reruns. I already know who won the Jeopardy Battle of the Decades.